338 Lapua Reloading Data


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Feb 23, 2011
Hello All, I finally was able to take the 110BA out after waiting so long for a scope (1.5yrs). I went with the Vortex Razor HD with 10mil EBR-2B. I got one heck of a deal on it from Scott at Liberty Optics (thanks man the scope is awesome). So I worked up 25rnds of new Lapua brass, CCI LRM primers, Berger 300gr, and Retumbo. First off I started with one at 87gr, 88gr, 10 at 89, 5 at 89.1, 4 at 89.2, 4 at 89.3 to ensure pressure wasn't too much. I dont have a chrono yet but after Christmas I will. No pressure signs at any load. It took two rnds to get zeroed in and then I tried the best I could to get groups (No bipod or rear bag, Christmas as well). Well I was able to manage .362" off a wooden rest that is not secured. I wasn't paying attention what load shot what but I sent three rounds touching each other and keyholed two others. The only problem is the barrel was filthy afterwards. I have H1000 I am going to try in the future as well as 2lbs of VV N570 on the way. Anyone have any loads developed with VV570? Thanks for any help.