338 Lapua in Savage 111 Longrange Hunter Review


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Aug 6, 2009
My final review and opinion on the Savage 111 Longrange Hunter.
After about ten different load and bullet combos I found that the rifle would shoot 3/4 moa at 100 yards. And at 1000 yards w/0-15 mph gusty winds it held .8-1 moa. I am very impressed with this rifle. Especially considering its a 1000$ factory rifle. I would recommend it to anyone. As I have many custom rifles and this one is almost as good. Other than the barrel is smaller and will heat up quicker.

Rifle: Savage 111Longrange Hunter Optics: Weaver tactical 4x20

Load: Berger 300gr Hybrid. 90.5 grs Vihtavuori N570. CCI mag primers. 2700 Fps.

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