338 Lapua in a carry gun


Mar 29, 2004
Canterbury NZ
This is my first step in LRH but have just completed a 338 Lapua that is realistic to carry. Action is a BRNO 602, 26" Tru-flight barrel, NZ made Tiffen break, Lots of action mod. to bedding esp. Laminated stock of USA origin but unsure of brand. All up weighs in at 9 1/2 lb. Initial load testing with the 225gn Hornady SST has produced avg of 42mm groups @ 300m - not long range to many but i plans to practice further. thanks for a great site that gave me many ideas.
With the 225gn SST @ 2972, recoil is like a stif 7 mm rem mag, i havnt tried anything heavier yet. The break is like on an artillery gun ie two large holes from side to side, rather than many small ones. seems to work very well. I will try to add a picture soon.
nzbiggunfan :
I think you are talking about what I have heard called a tank break. I understand they work great but are large for me. I wanted to throw my two cents in.
I have a 338 lapua in a carry gun.
10.5 pounds without scope. No Brake and recoil was fine with 250 Hornady Softpoints.
I'm using them for break in. I'll use the 300 SMK's and I figure recoil will even out between the bigger bullet load and the weight of adding a scope.

The rifle is built on PGS SS-M18 action, Mcmillan Rem hunter stock, jewell trigger, 28" lilja #7 countour fluted barrel.
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