338 Lapua Build Questions


Aug 28, 2012
I realize there are a few posts regarding a .338 Lapua build. I have read so many threads and have not found exactly what I am looking for.

I am going to build a .338 Lapua, I plan on mainly shooting 300 grns. with the occasional 250 grn. @ 1500 yds.

I am going to go with a custom action, I have been looking at McMillan, BAT Machine and Surgeon. Price point is not a big deal as they are all within a few bucks of each other. I am looking for some advice on which action for the the .338 Lapua. I know they all make an action will work for it, is there one that stands out and why?

Barrel: I do want to be able to carry it, I realize it will be a heavy brute, what contour do ya'll use? I was thinking of the Krieger #17 heavy varmint 1.25 - .900.

Brake, I am looking at the Elite Iron break. I want the ability to add a can on certain situations. Any recommendations? Or I can ditch the suppressor and just go with a full time brake.

I am really temped by the Surgeon action. Why is it that we don't hear a lot about McMillan actions?

J E Custom

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Jul 29, 2004
I would recomend that you consider the 338 Lapua Improved, Because the standard 338 Lapua
is on par with the 338 Ultra Mag and you intend to reload anyway and the brass will last even
longer and the extra capacity of the Improved will help when using the 300 grain bullets.

I personally like the 37.5 degree shoulder for max capacity and feeding. the 40o shoulder want
give you any noticeable increase in velocity or capacity. Just something to think about.

Any of the actions you mentioned will work fine, so its just a matter of choice. I like and use a
lot of the Weatherby Mark 5s for the 338 Lapua case.

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