338 lapua accuracy?


Oct 28, 2009
Clarkston, WA
I was told that a 338 lapua is inherently accurate because it shares alot of the size characteristics with a 6PPC (the most accurate round in the world). Is there any validity to this? I think he meant the shorter fatter case and the size of the bullet to the case. I was also told that a ultra mag is a waste of powder over a win mag because it is a long skinny case and a overall bad design! What do you guys think???
I am not sure about the PPC comparo. But, if you think a 300+ fps gain the RUM gives you over the 338 win mag is a waist, then yep...... you are correct.....you are just throwing powder away!!! :D I would NOT consider the RUM case "skinny". It is WAY "fatter" than the win case.

Just my oppinion.
The Lapua is a very accurate case, but it is only as accurate as the man pulling the trigger. I took an empty shotgun shell off the back of a back stop with a 338 Lapua at about 100yrds with one shot. It hit dead center straight through the casing. Not to shabby if I say so myself. First shots out of this rifle at 1070yrds produced a 4 to 5 inch 3 shot group. So I hope that sheds some light.

I am finding with talking with guys on this forum that it does seem to be more efficient with its burn. The Edge and rum come up short in velocity, but not by much. The Lapua has better brass, so that may have something to do with it. You do pay a good deal more for that better brass though. My only other option for me would be the 338 Norma which is proving to be a very accurate set up as well, just a bit slower.

of all the callibers i have heard discussed i have Never herd anyone say (when refering to their 338 Lapua) " i just cant get it to shoot". there may be something to that:D
Been shooting them for almost 20 years---never had one that did not shoot. The factory guns were AI AWM's and the others Speedy built customs. For a long range big game cartridge it is my choice (it is the improved version now).
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