338 Hornady 225 gn Interbond LV test.

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    Nov 3, 2008
    Following my low velocity impact test on the 225 grain SST, I also did some testing on the 225 grain Interbond projectile. I thought that this would be of interest to members who shoot a .338 caibre rifle.

    A number of shots were also fired and these projectiles are typical examples of the results that I obtained. The photo below shows a new Interbond projectile, alongside a number of spent projectiles that were fired into the same material as the SST's at 1000 yards.

    The two mushroomed projectiles on the left were fired out of my .338 RUM and had a calculated impact velicity of 1620 fps ave.

    The next two were fired using a full load out of my .338WM and had an impact velocity of 1373 fps ave.

    The next two on the right, were fired using a reduced load out of my .338WM and had an impact velocity at 1000 yards of 1228 fps ave.

    Accuracy of the Interbond, even with the reduced load was very good. It maintained stability very well at low velocity.

    The Interbond and SST projectiles shoot to the same POI at 100 yards and have the same muzzle velocity. However the Interbond projectile shoots a bit flatter than the SST out to 1000 yards with the same full load. With reduced loads the SST's shot much lower and had a very large group.

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