338 Federal and RL17


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Jul 22, 2013
Hello there!

Not a long range cartridge per say, but I love this round and will never be without it. I have a DPMS and a Ruger M77 in 338F, and do have some very nice loads for it, but am trying the 225gr Nos Accubond and recently started testing a load for RL17.

Does anyone out there load 338F and do you use RL17?? I loaded six up to test, 44.0,45.0,45.5,46,46.5,47 grs, simply looking for pressure. They all shot well, no stiff bolt, but that action is extremely strong. I get a tiny smidge of extractor marks, but I also get them on my tested 200gr load, I think its just the rifle settling in and thats one of its traits.

I contacted Alliant, no help, they didn't even try to say they were working on anything. I used the data from RL15 and MR2000 and compared 308 to 338, did my research, and settled on starting low at 44.0gr. I hear 308's shoot the 208 Amax well with RL17, so I figured I would give it a try. The 225's shot with MR2000 didn't do as well as I expected, around 1.25" at 100yds, 48.0 gr powder. But the 45.5,46.0 and 47.0 shot pretty much the same hole with RL17. I will be working more around 46.0 and seeing what it can do.

COAL is 2.875", CCI large rifle primer and Federal 308 necked up to 338 brass.

MR2000 shoots my 200gr Speer HotCor's at around .6", so I'm not messing around with that load at all. I was just testing pressure first before I bust out a chrono.

Just wondering if anyone has any kind of feedback here. Thanks for your time!!