338 edge!!!

Point taken I am not going to spend a grand on an action when you can get the same out come from a 500 dollar one. Thats not saying that a custom action isnt worth it but just not for me. Thanks again 1sniper and Cowboy
Are you reffering to Hart barrels or RW Hart gunsmith?

Can't say you could go wrong with a Hart barrel but.....:cool:

Their are just some smiths out there I wouldn't let work on my son's Red Rider.

Let me rephrase that.. their is only one smith out there now that I wouldn't let work on my sons Red Rider.
There is a fine line between going with a custom vs going with a Remington 700 and having it blueprinted properly. Here's the break down.

Remington 700 sps blued in a magnum caliber $550
Action Blueprint $150
Holland recoil lug $40 (factory one is junk)
Factory Trigger and bottom metal FREE comes with rifle (not the best but will do)

Total $740

Stiller Predator (Remington Clone) $825
Recoil Lug FREE comes with action
Timney Trigger $125
Bottom Metal $135 (Brownells ADL to BDL kit)

Total $1085

Now this is just if you go as basic as possible with no frills like adding a Jewel trigger (although they are the cats ***). A difference of $345 cheaper to go with using a factory Remington. Now if you upgraded to a Timney trigger with the Remington action the difference would come down to $220 cheaper to go with using a factory Remington. It is a bit cheaper to go with a Remington action and have it blueprinted, but the problem lies in how the blueprinting is done. There is such a thing as a actual trueing of an action compared to a half *** "this is what I call blueprinted" method. The ones that know how to actually blueprint an action are not afraid to explain how it's done, but the one's who just think they know will never speak up. A custom action should already have the the receiver face and internal locking lugs cut perpendicular to the bolt bore centerline and the threads should also be straight and in axial alignment with the bolt bore centerline. Hopefully this makes sense.
Great explanation Kevin,

But you should have quoted a Stainless action. That and if you'd used a price for the Stiller from a group buy, the price difference would be less than $100.
Ok so I looked around and spent my money on a Remington 700 7MM Ultra Mag barreled action with the cheap rubber maid stock. It cost me $225.00. Barrel was pretty much had and the dealer did not wish to spend any money on it to get it re barreled and its got a crap stock. I can have the Remington trigger worked over or buy a Rifle Basic's Trigger and have them work just about the same and the end cost just about the same. H.S. Precision stock with the adjustable butt and comb will be the stock. Not cheap but I have one already and like it a lot. This is going to cost me just about the same as buying a custom action by the time I get it this far. So what I have by that time is a Custom stocked Rem 700 RUM action and trigger without any bottom metal and in need of blue printing and barrel lug which will run about another $200 or so unless I get wild and send it off to Gre-Tan and have him work it all over and spend a whole bunch on it but I don't see that as being necessary. I've shot a couple of his rifles and they are awesome but I don't think all that is necessary in a hunting rifle. I have two rifles now that were custom builds that have just been blueprinted to had everything squared with the lugs and the threads worked over and Sako Extractors installed and then chromed to look like S.S. actions to match the barrels. Both are way more accurate than I can ever shoot.
Final line is this, if you shop around you can find a blued steel action in a Rem 700 that is pretty much shot out pretty cheap. Have it trued up and build from there at a reasonable price if your willing to spend the time to find one. If its instant gratification you want your just about better off going with the Custom action right off the bat. But like I said, I'm cheap. :)
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