.338 edge


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Nov 4, 2008
Spokane, Wa
I picked up my new EDGE today and took it out to send some rounds down range. My friend Bill brought along his Exbal program and calibrated it to my rifle. All I can say is Unbelievable. It was range it, dial it, and send it. I was able to hit targets consistently from 480 out to 1,000 yards.

Shawn at Defensive Edge was great to work with and the quality and workmanship of my new rifle is top notch.

Thanks Shawn!
Congratulations on your new gun. Sounds like your very happy with it. Got any pics to share? Would be great to see how it came out.


Congratulations on your new gun. Bill told me about your range session. SWEET!!!!!!

Congratulations, sounds like it's a real shooter...not surprising coming from Shawn. Look forward to the pics.
I agree. Anything that comes from Shawn's shop, espcially and Edge, will shoot lights out. He's pretty much the "Godfather" of the Edge.
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