SOLD/EXPIRED 338 edge w/mcmillan a5 fully adj.


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Feb 14, 2008
Ok well I have a opportunity to purchase a rifle from a friend that I have had my eye on for awhile so I am offering up my extended range rifle. It is a Savage Target action single shot with stockage bolt knob and action kit. The barrel is a 338 edge 30" 10 twist with 8- 1/4" deep flutes which is 1.1" tapers down to .900" at the muzzle. On the end is a APA fat basterd muzzle brake. This combo will easily shoot 1/2moa with 93.2gr H1000 with 300smk and 215m primers. The whole rifle was built by Benchmark Barrels, the action/barrel/brake were all bead blasted to blend perfectly. I have only fired 65rds through it. Just so we are clear yes this is a short action edge it will eject spent casings with ease however if you need to unload a loaded round you have to pull out the bolt just like you have to do with alot of 50bmgs. It really is easy and makes this a very compact package. the weight of the barreled action is right around 7.25lbs. Included in a egw heavy duty 20moa base which is different from their standard base. this barreled action should drop straight into any stock made for a lrpv. It is a very economical way to have a extended range rifle. you can swap you savage lrpv back and forth between 223 and 338 edge with just the 3 action screws.
Base price for Barreled Action with base $1350 shipped.
Available acc.
I have a fully adjustable mcmillan A5 in gap camo that is bedded for this action. I use the stock on my 204 lrpv and my edge so stock is only available with the barreled action, not available seperate.
Price $750
Tac Force drag bag 62" $150
50rds formed nosler edge brass $50
Not really looking for trades but it never hurts to ask




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