338 Edge vs 338 RUM differences

I went in circles trying to decide between the RUM, Edge, and Lapua. Eventually I settled on the RUM as everything seemed to suggest they all basically gave the same performance (assuming barrel length and loading practices were equal).

Currently, my 338 RUM will push the 285 ELDM to 2945 with H100 out of my 30" Bartlein.
Shawn Carlock did the edge on the 300 rum because it first of the Rums ,,, he saw and opportunity too have a kick *** 338 and a standard mag bolt face, the 338 rum didn't come out until after he and many others necked up the 300 too 338, 358 , 375, 416 458..
I load everything the same way .. specially on big cases I've witnessed and shot 1000's of rounds through 338 rums, 338 edge's 338 lapua's 338imp 338 snipetac's 33XC's 338-378 Bee's just too name a few.. 1000's of rounds and they all tell me the same thing .. they will run slow and be accurate but what I and most other individuals have witnessed with big cases is the closer you get too there top end node they really come on and shine, lower Es's tighter and more consistent groups etc.!! same with big 7's big 30's big 375's
and there is not a 200 fps difference in either 3 when loaded correctly and to their most potential using identical components,.. when you have the ability too have all 3 at the same time its pretty easy too have information based on facts. they are ballistic triplets .. pick one have fun with it
Yep, exactly my point in #6 and #9. Good on Shawn for recognizing and taking advantage of the opportunity that Remington did not realize.
If you want a little more performance it is. It’s like saying AI’ing or improving a case isn’t worth it. Sometimes I may agree with that but this is actually simpler as it doesn’t change the case dimensions only the neck size. You can even use .338 RUM dies, I did for about 10 years.
I’ve owned a .338 in the Edge or RUM flavor for the past 16 years. Apples to apples the Edge will give you a little bump in velocity, it holds just enough more powder to do so. That extra 100 fps potential pays dividends when you are really stretching it out there, at more moderate ranges the difference can be negligible. On the flip side if you have a fast barreled RUM it will keep pace with a average Edge as I’ve had one of both. But that’s not apples-apples, more tomato-potatoe. 😂
Hey, Im thinking about rebarreling my Rifle. Its on a Stiller action & barrel that is currently a 30 Sherman Mag.I only have about 55 rounds down it. Im thinking about changing to the 338 Edge + P. I think Id like a bigger caliber in a Long Action Magnum Bolt Face. My dilema is I already shoot a 33XC in ELR Competionsin light class and 375 Cheytac in Heavy.I have a30 caliber in 300 PRC so I dont know why I built the 30 SM anyway except to get another 100 FPS out of it.
What are yalls thoughts???
I'll meet you at Buc-ees in Madisonville next week with cash in hand and take the whole rifle if it's a Stiller TAC 300 and it's bedded into a decent stock. I went with a 300 RUM instead of a 30SM for a hunting rifle and I'm already regretting my decision.

Did you shoot Jay's Castle match last week? 338 Edge from Alamo Precision had a great weekend, I'd call Robert and hear him out on +P before you do it. I'd also swap a 33XC barrel for a 338 Edge from them in a heart beat. I have one in process as we speak, and my shooting buddies have all gone away from 33XC to the Edge for tuning reasons. David did good at the match, but just seems like everyone is moving away from the XC because the throats move so much.

Mine is a 338 Edge in a McMillan Super Mag. I ordered late so my light-class match rifle is still a box-stock 338 LM Savage 😒
Yes I shot at Jays in The Heavy. I just put it in a brand new Mcrees Black Widow Chassis. I have one on my 33xc and I like it.I have not even shot it yet.I put a new Straight angle handle on it today.I dont like the angled one it came on.
Are you headed to Spearpoint this month?
Spearpoint is Brian Wink's thing in KS right? Not going to make it don't think, I'm pretty booked up for the summer and not worth traveling until I get the better rifle spun up. I've been to Raton a few times but sucking sucks 😂 I saw Scott McRee was down for the match but I missed him, I use his chassis in my shorter range stuff, I love the FAST chassis set up vs a straight BiPodeXT.