For Sale 338 Edge savage small shank barrel


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May 23, 2017
Hey guys, I have a 28" McGowan savage small shank 338 Edge barrel for sale. It is 0.8" at the muzzle. Throated for 300 grain bullets. Previous owner said 300 rounds on it, I put about 62 through it. Didn't really get a chance to work up great loads for it, but previous owner shot it to 2k with good results. Also said it would shoot one ragged hole groups, fwiw. I don't have reason to not believe him either way.

Just to be clear, the entire rifle is not listed for sale (could be persuaded to sell it, I have just found that savage rifles don't sell as a package, plus it's easier to ship just a barrel vs sending rifle to FFL. Message me if interested in entire rifle and we could work a price out).

It has a 338 cal Area 419 Sidewinder brake on it. Barrel and brake are threaded 5/8"x24.

Comes with Widden 338 Edge bushing die with the positive clicks built into the die, and Whidden micrometer seater die.

Brass: 19 new pieces of Bertram Brass stamped 338 Edge. 73 once fired BB, and I have 18 loaded (can pull and sell as unfired), for a total of 100 pieces Bertram 338 Edge Brass.

Bullets: box with twelve 300 grain Berger Elite Hunters. One opened (to inspect) but complete (100) box of the same, and another brand new box of one hundred that is unopened, for a total of 212 berger elite hunter 300 grain bullets.

Also have headspace gauges (go and no-go) if the buyer needs them.

I would like to sell as a package.

Figured used prices as follows, except for bullets:

Barrel - 225
Brake - 150
Brass - 125
Bullets - 150
Gauges - 50

Also have almost 2lb of Unicorn Dust (H1000) and about 1lb or RL33 if we meet ftf in PA, I'm north of Williamsport. I'd sell the powder as well, but can't ship.

Total is $700 shipped. May consider offers, I know this sounds like a lot, but it's everything you need to get rolling in an Edge, and big bores unfortunately aren't cheap! Trades may be considered... possibly 6.5 creedmoor dies and 6.5 bullets (hornady, I would consider 143 or 147), or possibly one of those new ruger chargers with the rail on the back for a brace. I have some interest in a 6mm Grendel or Predator (or whatever you want to call it) AR barrel plus dies. Probably not a lot of other trade interest, but go ahead and ask if you like.

Items cross posted on AccurateShooter.

PM, text or call 814-321-5355 with questions.

Thanks, Jonathan


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