338 edge oal help needed


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Feb 16, 2011
hi guys its seems that my chamber or throat on my 338 edge is short . i'm no gunsmith but . i'm loading at 3.785 with 300 gr smk 3.800 max i have a 4.0 wyatts box . my ? is how can i fix this at these lengths i will not be able to try the bergers ??? should i have my throat worked on or ???? also at longer lengths will the bullet drag on the feed ramp?? thanks for any help
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Dec 13, 2012
In my edge I have the same as you but had my chamber cut to a coal of 3.950. If you don't have a deep enough chamber then you cannot seat the bullets out longer. On the other hand if that is how long your throat is the gun would probably shoot just fine, keep the bullets .10 off the lands and tryit. I wanted my bullets out of the powder as much as possible. All this is why I installed the wyatts. I have no feeding problems, but if you do there are ways you can adjust it to work fine. Hope this helps some.

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