338 Edge - History And Development by Shawn Carlock


Mar 6, 2008
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Good read..

In the article you write “For extreme use applications the Mauser styled bolt release/blade ejector and the M16 extractor made for the most robust combo.”

I’m curious what kind of Mauser styled action you prefer to work with?

It seems most gunsmiths don’t like to deal with a Masuer style for a precision firearm. I still like ‘em and prefer it.

I don't like them either. I do like the bolt release and blade ejector. I graft these items on/into a Remington 700 action and use a M16 extractor to cure certain ejection/extraction issues.
The biggest reason I did not go with 338-300 RUM was that I did not want there to be any confusion about what it could chamber. There are a lot of people that think the 338-300 RUM and a 338 RUM are the same thing and of course they just are not.
Hi Shawn,

I have been reading about the 338 Edge and plan to build one for African plains game. (Safari is booked for July, 2010)

The rifle will be built on a Montana PH action. Model 1999 Montana Professional Hunter Action

The barrel will be a 28" Krieger, probably #4 or #5 contour. Contours

It will be a classic styled African plains game/DG rifle, (3 leaf express sights, banded front sight, banded sling swivel, walnut stock). The action is a double square bridge, so weaver bases will be milled into the action, with a scope mounted on it.

I hope to get the rifle Magna Ported, as to stay away from a big muzzle break, (for asthetic purposes). I suppose the rifle will weigh in at 10-12# and I want to know what to expect in terms of recoil. I would like to stay under 300 mag recoil (from a traditional sporting rifle). Is this even achievable?

Additionally, the load data posted is with SMK's. Though fine bullets, I prefer a bonded bullet for Africa. I was wondering if you had some load data for Accubonds or similar bonded bullets?

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