SOLD/EXPIRED .338 EDGE for sale *****SPF*****


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Feb 18, 2008
Central Minnesota
.338 EDGE
Remington 700 LA Mag action
Mike Rock 26" barrel with muzzle brake
HS Precision PSS stock (not yet bedded)
Karsten Adjustable cheekpiece
Jewel HVR Trigger set @1.25#
EGW 15 MOA one piece picatinny style base

Scope, rings, and bipod NOT included

I've only shot out to 500 yds on paper and out to 800 yds on swinging steel--Gun usually shoots around .5 MOA or so using H-1000 and 300 SMK. Round count not exact, but around 275 down the tube. I just had the barrel scoped and the gunsmith said it looked like new.

All load data available as well as 125 fired brass, 300 SMK bullets, and Redding competition dies with buyer getting first chance.

Asking $975 shipped as is with Jewell and base, $ 775 with factory trigger and no base


Snapfish: Share Photo:Registration

Snapfish: Share Photo:Registration
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Re: .338 EDGE for sale

I would like the brass bullets and dies if you'd part with them.

Although at that price the whole package shouldn't last long.

Re: .338 EDGE for sale

I'll take the gun with the factory trigger. PM on the way.
Re: .338 EDGE for sale

300 win shooter I just sent you a PM. What would you take complete including the dies. I can be contacted direct at the E-mail on the pm Thanks. Loki Dog
Re: .338 EDGE for sale

WOW! I really wasn't expecting this kind of response from posting this rifle!

So, as of now, the rifle is SPF to Sloverado since his PM was the first response. Should anything not work out as planned, I'll obviously just move up the list based on time of response. Thanks for all of the interest!

FYI- I bought a fully custom 300 WBY off LRH and I don't shoot this anymore, so I am selling it for only what I have into it......That is how I decided the price.

Thanks again! Jason
I sent a pm earlier, If he does not want rings, dies, brass or loaded ammo I would be interested. I would be interested in the complete rifle. I have one by DE already and would be getting for my father if I have a chance. Thanks, Loki

I think your outta luck, huntfish is GTG and has already been calling me about loading for that

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