SOLD/EXPIRED .338 Edge Complete Package

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Mar 18, 2013
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Savage .338 Edge. 80 rounds down the barrel. Here comes the list:
32" X-Caliber Match grade stainless barrel finished by Apache Gunworks
Helical style stainless (Harrel's) muzzle brake (threaded, not integral)
Accutrigger Savage Long Action. (brand new for this build)
Savage 110 BA style stock (will accept the accurate mag .300 wm/.338 lapua mags) with detachable .300w/m magazine. (bullets I load are too long for mag, so I run it single shot)
Redfield Battlezone 6-18x50 scope. Comes with both .223 and .308 turrets.
Burris Signature Zee steel rings with all inserts.
Savage 110BA 20 MOA base/rail. (great for Night vision optics!!)
(For an extra $700, will put the Vortex Viper HS-T 6-24x50 with Sun Shade, Lens covers, throw lever, scope cloth and zero stop shims on it)
Custom threaded bolt handle.
"Distressed" Duracoat woodland digital Camo finish.
Harris style 6"-9" bipod.
Reloading Gear:
Custom built Widden Gunworks f/l bushing dies w/case.
500+ .338 projectiles: 188 300 gr HPBT (SMK)/130 285gr Poly Tip BT (A-max)/430 285gr HPBT (HDY)
126 pieces of once fired 300 RUM brass. (41 Loaded and 50 pieces of Nosler in the mix of Rem.)
Bushnell Pro 1M Slope Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder with carry case (Excellent condition!).
Load for this gun= 88gr RL-25, Fed Mag primer and the rest is standard Edge data from Defensive Edge.
Will shoot under half-inch groups at 100 yards.
Will shoot 1.25 inch groups at 250 yards.
When I shot the gun at 400 yards, I shot a steel gong. There were 3 shots fired by me, one divot about the size of a quarter where all 3 shots hit.
May consider selling just the gun with the reloading gear. Would exclude either scope and rings plus the rangefinder, but will not go below $5000 even. (That would be AFTER all shipping/transfer costs)
I have not calculated shipping, but it would be expensive with all the bullets! Gun is also 54" overall length. Local pick-up preferred. All shipping would be extra.

Picture of Original Gun
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