338 Edge build question

MN Hunter

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Feb 4, 2009
Aberdeen, SD
What is the best way to go as far as an action for a 338 Edge build?
Borden Timberline, Surgeon 1086 or a trued/blueprinted Remington 700 action.

Also who's bottom metal would you use?
Remington 700 LA from a chrome moly donor rifle in 300 RUM. Then have one of these excellent smiths on here true it up for you and install a Wyatt box.

Or get a Stiller Predator LA mag bolt face, but you will have to buy BDL floorplate, follower and spring for it.
If you don't ever plan on selling the rifle, I would go the Remington action route. If there is a chance of selling it in the future, go custom action. for some reason they seem to hold their value more.
get the timberline action unless you already have a remmy action to hand.
the borden actions are some of the nicest actions i have seen i have two but not in .338 edge.
There are lots of quality actions out there, so its really what you like and do you plan on keeping it. I have a Bat HR at shawn's right now getting a barrel
put on it, it ought to be a awesome rifle when its done! :D can't wait..

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