SOLD/EXPIRED .338 AM Plus Many Extras For Sale

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    Feb 14, 2012
    .338 AM breakdown: 62 documented shots never heated
    -Nightforce 5.5x22 with zero stop and quad rings
    -BAT Model M 1.55"x8.5" diameter single shot, stainless steel receiver(single shot)
    -BAT 40 moa 1913 Pic. stainless steel rail base(single shot)
    -Jewell trigger with bottom safety set to 1 lb
    -Lilja custom ALLEN 33" contour barrel, 33" finish length
    -Large 50 BMG style barrel flutes
    -Match grade chambering
    -Large 5 port Painkiller muzzle brake
    -Bead Blast stainless matte finish on barreled receiver
    -McMillan A-5 Tactical stock with adjustable length of pull system and internal rail
    -Integral Adjustable Cheek Piece
    -Pillar bedding (three pillars)
    -Metal ADL trigger guard
    - Nightforce level and cosine indicator
    -Cabelas 62" Bullet Proof Aluminum hard case
    - 62"Galati Drag Bag
    - Harris bipod with pod lock
    - 100pcs. Correct headstamp brass
    - reloading dies
    ***Extras include***
    -Trimble Nomad with exball installed
    -Kestrell 4500 with Pelican case
    - Leica 1600 RF
    -230 Nosler Accubond (300gr) and 220 Berger OTM (300 gr)
    -Ammo cases MTM x10 at ten round capacity
    -possible to include the cleaning materials(coated rod jags and bore guide) and 8+ lbs of powder and of course Kirby's load data

    This is a turn key rig for serious long range work, list price is 12,750.00 USD (firm) plus shipping to your FFL
    Will not break the rig nor extras. The gun is running the Accubond at 3276fps and the OTM an honest 130 fps faster due to the Accubonds longer bearing length. By no means has the gun ever been maxed out as the need is not there. I have not stretched the rig past 1476 yds as i do not have the distance however accuracy is well below Kirby's 1/2 moa. My best three shot group is 6.24" @1476 yards and the gun is far better than my ability.

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