.338-.378 Weatherby

Michael Lares

Sep 22, 2017
Well to be perfectly honest we never tried that.
I don't know any others who have either as far as I know. As I recall the burn rate on that is pretty close to where old H570 would fit. Reloader 26 seems to work for some also. We tried RL 33 also but Retumbo works better for us. The old h870 and wc872 can be used also but cold weather can cause issues with those. Im sorta sorry we didn't use a 32"
on my sons gun.
Which 300 gr. bullets are you loading? What's the COAL?


Well-Known Member
Aug 23, 2008
east central fl. /n.c. pa.
Which 300 gr. bullets are you loading? What's the COAL?
Well in his gun we tried SMK 250s, and 300s,
Hornady 285s, and Berger 300s. The 285s and 300s all pretty much land in the same place with same amount of elevation at 1500. But his gun seems to like Bergers slightly better at that distance.
Don't actually know the oal.
We always start by seating with the bolt, then go from there with depth till something works well, then make a dummy for that bullet, and it is whatever it is.
We do have an advantage in that we can load say 3, then just walk outside and test them at distance.


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