338 300gr Accubond


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Dec 30, 2013
Just wanted to re iterate the awesome killing power of the accubond

9' brown bear

725 yds

300 accubond @ 2750

Impact Velocity 1880 fps Impact Energy 2375

2 in lungs 1 in gut all pass through, 1 recovered in offside hide


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He went about 50 yds and died his rib cage near side was mush, and off side had about 3" trama around bullet holes


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It is good to see an actual field report on this bullet. I used one last year on an elk and it worked fine. Hope to see some more data. The bullet shot fine for me in a 338 Edge.
That right there is my dream hunt. And I would like to try that out of my 338 Norma.Great bear:)
yea and you can shoot him 3 times before he figures out what's stinging him
Great bear! That must of been one hell of a fun hunt.

I've shot some elk with the .338 250 Accubonds and am always amazed at how well they perform. Currently waiting on a new 338 RUM build, and will have to try out the 300's to see how they group.
It is good to see an actual field report on this bullet. I used one last year on an elk and it worked fine. Hope to see some more data. The bullet shot fine for me in a 338 Edge.

A year ago I posted my results with the 300 gr 338 cal Accubond on the Nosler forum , since that post I took another black bear at 350 yards and a nice 58" bull moose at 93 yards, it's basically a reenactment of bullet performance , The 300 gr Accubond is THE hunting bullet in my 338 Edge .
Here is that report

"I finally had a chance to test the 300 gr Accubond in my 338 Edge on a black bear on Memorial Day, bear was taken at 440 yards

I beached the canoe and ranged the bear at 800 yards with my Bushnell Elite 1500 rangefinder but had no shot due to alder patches between me and the critter, I had to stalk in to 500 + -yards to get a clear shot, on my belly off a bipod... as I set up for the shot and waited for a clear broadside shot the bear had closed the distance to 440 yards

the impact of the bullet knocked the bear down , it spun around and ran 20 yards adrenalized but dead on it's feet as it's heart and lungs had turned into a frothy mush....
bullet entered just off the shoulder and for a "soft" hit it did incredible internal damage to the vitals without extensive meat damage, destroying a bunch of ribs on the way out, it was a complete pass through... funny thing though, the exit hole was only slightly larger through the hide when compared to the entrance hole but did some awesome killing, without the bullet I can only guess that the bullet expanded doing internal devastation then folded along the shank and passed though, had similar results with a 200 gr 30 cal Accubond on moose a few years ago at 300 yards with a 7.82 Warbird.

Rem M700 with Jewell Trigger and Seekins Detach mag assembly/5 rnd mag
30" 9.5 twist Obermeyer bbl in Rem Varmint contour, muzzle brake machined into the extra inch of bbl, H-263 Foliage Green Cerakote
McMillan HTG stock in McMillan Olive w/black speckles
Bushnell 30mm Elite 6500 2.5-16X 50mm scope
Nightforce 20 moa base and Nightforce 30mm Ultra Lite rings

Nosler Accubond 338 Cal. 300 gr bullet (coated with WS2 tungsten disulfide)
Rem 300 Rum brass fireformed and neck sized (once fired)
Fed GM215M primers
H1000 powder (load was developed with WS2 coated bullets, powder charge won't be listed)
2900 fps velocity (20 rnd ave., load development was at 100 yards, very warm load but safe with coated bullets)
1/2" groups at 100 yards (did not test at longer range due to limited time)
COAL 3.808"
Ogive OAL 3.082" ( .024" bullet jump to lands gave best accuracy/velocity combo)

impact velocity at 440 yards 2299 fps and 3522 ft lbs energy (according to iSnipe iPhone app)

I also dumped a mature 53" raghorn bull moose in Sept with the same rifle and bullet except powder was RL 25 with similar velocity.
called the bull in to 30 yards and shot was just behind shoulder with a very impressive DRT scene

I seriously wanted to test this bullet at longer range but neither my job, moose nor bear would cooperate, all in all the results were identical from 30 yards to 440 yards for "soft" no shoulder bone impacts, with complete pass throughs in both situations, Have yet to witness a full on shoulder bone hit with the 338 cal 300 gr bullet but have personally shot a bull moose in the shoulder with a 180 gr 30 cal Accubond leaving the muzzle at 3500 fps, it was a phenomenal one shot kill at 200 yards. I called in a 61" bull moose for my brother last Sept and he used a 30-378 WBY with a 180 gr Accubond Wby factory load to dump the moose in it's tracks at 120 yards and I believe the 338 bullet will be even better suited for a "hard" shoulder shot. "
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