338/300 RUM powder choices

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  1. buckbrush

    buckbrush Well-Known Member

    Nov 26, 2008
    Can someone please tell me the pros and cons of each of these powders I am considering for a 338 /300 RUM? COAL is long at 3.965” and I am using FED215GM primers. Little temp sensitivity and low ES are important (obviously) but so is velocity and I was wondering if one of these powders is better than the other. RL25 and US869 are on all of the shelves around here but the H-1000 and Retumbo are rarely seen. The gun has a 30” 1:9.5 twist barrel. I know the common load is 92.0 gr of H-1000 but I am looking for some alternatives as well.


    Are there any other good powders for this thing?

  2. canyonman1

    canyonman1 Well-Known Member

    Apr 4, 2009
    I shoot 90 gr. RL-25 for 2,810 fps, 30" barrel, Remington brass, Fed. 215. 300 gr. Lapua.
    Mine don't like H-1000 or retumbo. 100 fps. slower and smokey.
    My E.S. is 3 and my S.D. is 1. I shoot 15 shot strings over chrony, letting it cool for 5 minutes after 3 shots.
    Tried the Fed. 215 M and E.S was all over.
    US 869 is very temp sensitive! up to 200 fps. from 30* to 90*.
    Have had good luck with RL-25. Not to temp. sensitive. at least not with my set up and low E.S.
    Good luck!gun)