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    I know its not a longrange caliber, but hopefully someone here will have used this combination before...I'm planning a .338-06 as a timber rifle and have a few questions...
    It will be on a M700 LA with the Holland or Gre-Tan assembly, wearing a pinned Holland recoil lug around a 22" Lothar-Walther 1:10"tw barrel. It is a 1200 contour which is 1.2" for 3", then tapering to .575"at 26". I plan to bob it at 22", which will make for a muzzle dia. of about .625". I'll probably finish it in Birdsong Black T...
    I have both BDL and ADL bottom metal(haven't decided yet), and will probably use a Leupold compact 6x with Talley lightweights. I don't want a super lightweight for recoil reasons, but would like it to finish fairly sveldt....
    Give me some stock suggestions, etc. and some load ideas with lighter bullets...I'll probably only shoot whitetails with it...don't need the heavy stuff...
    BTW, I ned a set of dies to do some experimental loads with if anybody has a spare set they want to let go...
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    Nov 19, 2002
    I'd also like to know about the use and effectiveness of this round!

    Is it shorter range thumper like 35 Whelen or 45-70 or does it have some range capabilities?
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    Feb 11, 2004
    Chris, Sounds like a great project. The Talley lightweights have worked great for me on my last two projects. You might consider the 2-7 Nikon Matte finish on that gun. If it is for timber shooting the lower power might prove useful. The 215 grain Sierra might be fun to try in that rifle. Good luck
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    I got it finished up and bedded last week but my grandmother passed away on Monday and I haven't had time to go to the range. Here is a pic and specs--
    M700 LA trued and lapped, bolt fluted 6 flutes at 180 degrees
    M700 Titanium stock
    Talley lightweights
    Leupold 6x42
    Holland alloy shroud and lightweight pin and spring
    Tuned factory trigger at 2#
    Lothar Walther barrel at 21" in .338/06
    Redding dies and Lapua '06 brass necked up.
    7.5# all up with scope and sling.

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    Dec 4, 2001
    VERY Nice.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Jan 4, 2004
    Nice looking gun Chris.

    You might try the 180 and 200gr Nosler Ballistic tips. A few years back I used a 200 to take a bull elk at 402yrds with a 338WM. It managed to penetrate from the kidney area to the hide on the far shoulder and retained about 70% of it's weight. Should work good for deer. I also fired a few 180s out of an ultra mag recently and was happy with their accuracy.

    If you ever try jungle hunting for elk I would recommend a tougher heavier bullet.