.325 WSM

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    May 3, 2001
    Was fortunate to get access to the same rifle I hunted in Alaska with - spent an entire afternoon chronographing and shooting groups. Interesting turn of events. Had two bullet weights and styles - 200 Accubond CT and 220 Power Points. Shot three ten-shot chronograph strings with each. Did not do them in order, sometimes 10 consecutive, sometimes cleaned the rife midway through a string, fired a fouler and went back to shooting groups and velocities. Just wrote the bullet weight on each ten shot summary.
    Looked at the numbers the next day - the average velocities of three 10-shot strings with the Accubonds varied only FOUR feet per second, SD where around ten.

    Average velocities of the 30 Power Points varied only 15 fps and same SD's.

    Seems to me that is very good ammunition manufacturing - guess that is why I get such good groups with Winchester Supreme in the GA LITE Nontypical.

    Best group of the session went 0.47" for three shots, shot with Power Points. The rifle is very nice to shoot, recoil is very easy to handle. The 200's get out there quick - shot at a rock at 880 and did not need much holdover to hit it. Running low on ammo so did not do the long range drops I hoped for, maybe another time.

    Besides the Alaskan caribou the .325 has now put about six elk on the ground with one shot per critter.