325 wsm ??


Jan 5, 2010
southern Illinois
I bought a savage classic 14 in 325 cal.any tips on how to make a 500yd gun out of it.i have a red field 6-24x50 scope some leupold bases & some 200gr. Nosler ballistic tips.and plan on loading with 4064 imr.and just bought a harris bi pod and a wind meter.any tip or secrets or am i asking to much out of the gun.thanks loader :d
Practice and make a range card for the bullets you will be shooting. The 325 should perform with ease at 500 yards. If I remember correctly the Nosler 200gr are Accubonds and the Ballistic tips are 180gr.
Ihave a 325, and have shot both 180 barnes tsx, and 200 nab, Have taken 5bulls,3 muley,2bear, in last 4 years. Some past 500 with both bullets, the latest, son 14 shot 5 pt bull at 540 w/ 180 tsx, bullet exited off side and broke leg on way out. I use a 4-14 type scope.
Fed. 215, 180 tsx, 67 gr. IMR 4350, I am going to try the 2oo and 180 w/ h4350 when it warms up.
u are right the 200 are accubonds. would u use anything different. thanks

I belive the 200 AB is a great hunting bullet with decent bc's, but they can be a little pricy to shoot. For lighter skinned game I would use the 180 BT, or the Sierra GK's.

Here is a pic of the 180 BT on a coyote only loaded at about 2800fps

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I shoot the 220gr Sierra out of mine. It sits over a max charge of H4350. Very accurate and cheap to shoot. The 220gr Sierra I am told was designed for 8mm Rem Mag velocities and as such has a thick jacket. Regardless I have yet to recover a bullet from anything I've shot with it and that includes a couple elk.
you will find that the 200's retain the farther down range energy better and have better BC's, mine is almost aS flat shooting out to 1000 because of that .
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