30cal 168gr SMK or AMAXs


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Jan 31, 2008
I am looking to buy 200 of one or the other. I am shooting the in a 700 .308 vls that I can't get anywhere near the lands. Pushing them with Varget. I am also wanting to use this for whitetails if they are capable. Let me know your experience. Thanks, Trent
never could get a 168g A max too shoot.i have 5 left.but the smk's will shot and little load testing.but for me rather shot a 165g nbt for deer hunting.been thinking about the 168g'er nbt.it should give the same results i think but haven't tried them yet.and the smk's shold load better at mag length if thats what you plan on doing .john
Hi Trent, don't worry about the bullet jump or magazine space in the M700 .308. Just be sure to seat your bullets deep enough into the case so as to maintain bullet concentrity to the bore. Your magazine is 2.83" long but if you need to seat to 2.73" for a good neck grip and concentricity- do so, otherise accuracy will suffer.

The Amax is much softer than the SMK, they are worlds apart in performance and in their secondary role in long range hunting, the SMK's are best utilized in either the magnums or when you are up against animals weighing 200lb plus. Bear in mind, when the .308 gives a slow kill at 450 plus yards- its a slow kill. Often you don't even get any indication of a hit when using a stouter bullet at long range. You could perhaps add the VLD to your list of options if it available and priced right. The VLD and Amax give similar wounding. Good luck.

P.S, the 165gr Nosler BT is just as stout as the 165-180gr GK's. Wounding/speed of killing is the same from my research/autopsies. These have to be a little tough as the majority will be loaded in either the .30-06 or .300 mags.

Cheers, Nathan.
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Different cal, but watched 162 AMax take antelope at 200 and 400 yards yesterday-Great performance. Also in a 6.5-284 I have used the 140 A-max on KS Whitetail bucks.
When it comes to bullets and accuracy choose bullets that will work for game and then see what your barrel likes.
SMK's are best utilized in either the magnums or when you are up against animals weighing 200lb plus


For hunting whitetails with your 308, I would recommend Berger VLDs, Nosler Ballistic Tips or the Amax.

Why so anxious? it sounds as though you want to buy a bunch of one bullet and live with it. Why not buy 50 or 100 each of several bullets and experiment?

I also have a 308 and use it for 1000 yard targets and hunt deer with it. I shoot the 175 Hunting VLD and use the same load for both applications.

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