308 win still worth having


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Aug 12, 2016
I got a 308 right now and barely use it lately. I've been using the smaller calibers 7mm, 6.5 and 6mm. TBH it's going to get re barreled to a 6mm Creedmoor next year. I prefer the smaller calibers because they got less recoil which leads to better accuracy, and you can use them for varmint and deer hunting IMO. A 308 can do both as well, but not as good IMO. Not to mention more wind drift. People will make the argument 308 ammo you can get anywhere.... yeah that's really the case right now, huh? Better off with an uncommon cartridge you might actually find ammo. Nothing wrong with a 308, but I feel there are better cartridges out there right now currently.

foul bore

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Feb 1, 2016
A 308 story..... I have a Browning 308, with a Leupold vx3i 3 1/2 x 14. My friend wanted to know if I could see the target at 500yds with that scope. I got up in the bed of my truck with a sand bag , set cds to 500 and I could see the 2 1/2 in orange sticker. I thought to myself, why not send one. this is not off a target rest by any means. one shot one hit.... see attached


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