308 win and 30-06 powder


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May 15, 2020
Lincolnton nc
Hello all I'm trying to find some powder that will mainly be used in 308 but that I can use in 30-06 as well I know varget is one and I know 4064 and 4895 but both of those I'm not able to find.i have heard alot of good about ram shot tac and ram shot big game has any one used these? Or what would be some others to look for? This will be for 165 to 180 grain freedom seeds thanks


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Sep 26, 2020
If you are going to use 165-168 grain bullets and heavier in the .308W either H380 or H414/W760 would work. Not a common application, but available and useful. I used H380 for years in hi-power competition in .308W with 168's; max H380 load with 165-168 is 47-48 grains in .308W. Finding any load data for H380 is difficult but data for .30-06 is printed on container for 155's and listed by Hodgdon..

Lots of .30-06 data for H414/W760. IMR 4166 is also a possibility. Win 748 is another, most bullets for .308 and 150 and lighter for .30-06. Except for the IMR4166 the powders mentioned are ball powders and fit inside the .308 W case well. I am surprised that H380 is still made; it is a popular powder for the .22-.250. Then there is the orphan IMR 4320 powder - seems like nobody likes this any more and it might be discontinued and is on sale at many LGS'.

Accurate 2520 data is listed for both .308W & .30-06; I have never used Accurate 2520.


Way back then, IMR 4064 was sort of a classic powder for .30-06, it works very well with 150's and probably 168's and was commonly used in M1 Garand rifles. 4064 is a first rate powder for the .308W. 4064 is a good selection for both .308W & .30-06 and being an extruded powder fits inside the .30-06 case well.

I believe, H380, a ball powder, was originally designed for military .30-06 loads, probably to complement 4895. My old Speer manual indicates H380 is OK for Garand use. I have heard that current lots of H380 are slower burning than older lots.
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