308 Win. & 190 MK

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    May 27, 2002
    Has anyone tried 190 ro 200 gr MK in .308 win? If so what load did you use and how did it shoot?
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    I tried some 190gr Berger VLD's and 180gr Nosler Balistic tips out of my 308's , they all shot them well just not to fast. The Bergers liked the lighter loads I tried but the Ballistic tips liked them warmer. Both were seated into the lands
    Personaly I think that the 180gr range is just about the limit that the 308 case works well with , I perfer the 175gr MatchKings.

    The powders I used for the heavy bullets was IMR-4350 and IMR-4064 with the accuracy edge going to the 4350 but the speed going to the 4064 , pressure showed up realy fast with the 4064 and the 4350 was a compressed load.
    The best I could do with the 190gr Bergers was 47gr of
    IMR-4350 with a velocity just over 2400fps then accuracy went to the dogs.

    My pet load for the 175gr MatchKings is 45gr of IMR-4064 with the bullet seated to the lands , this gives a velocity average of 2733 fps which works well out 800yds and I suspect past 1000 , just haven't had the chance to test that far yet.