.308 twist for 175 SMK

Discussion in 'Rifles, Bullets, Barrels & Ballistics' started by Siso, Feb 27, 2002.

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  1. Siso

    Siso Member

    Feb 9, 2002
    Hello Everyone, this site is a real educational tool for me, and I hope someone will be able to help me out. I have a Rem 700VS that I will be rebarreling. I'm confused about the correct twist being 1 in 12" or 1 in 10" for 175 SMKs? Several custom barrel manufactures have said 12" would be best, but most of the forums have said 10"? The Mairnes sniper rifle twist is 12"? Sierra said 13"? Why are there so many contradictions?

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  2. Nate Haler

    Nate Haler Well-Known Member

    Dec 27, 2001
    I use two Rem. 700 rifles. One is a VSSF, factory original condition w/1:12" twist.

    The other is a custom-built job, with a 5R barrel, 1:11" twist.

    Both shoot the Sierra 175MK into 1/2 moa on a consistent basis. In fact, using the VSSF w/26" bbl, I can put 190 MK ammo into moa, which was enlightening, but not good enough to use for competition. [​IMG]

    The bottom line is that you will need to try these bullets, or any bullets, in your stuff, to see if they work. Theory is fine, to a point. Results are what matter. [​IMG]

    I think you will find that the 175 MK will work very well in your 1:12" bbl, and faster, and could possibly work just fine in a 1:13" twist. I have seen Palma guys (using that twist rate in their 30" tubes during informal club shoots) using the 175 MK, and doing very well with them.

    These are all .308 rifles I've been talking about. Good luck.