.308 life?

Barrel service life depends on load intensity, bullet and powder choice, use/abuse, barrel material, and the method used to make the barrel. It ranges from as little as 3000 rounds to upwards of 7000.

Hope this helped.

You have been given some good information so far but I had an exception with a factory barrel. I was shooting extreemly hot loads and the factory barrel went south in about 400 rounds.

With my F-Class guns I expect .5 moa to 3000 rounds and .750 moa to 3500 and 1. moa to 4000 rouds. shooting 185 Bergers at 2850 fps and 155s at 3000 fps.

Hunting rifles if properly cared for can shoot 5000 round easily and maintain .750 moa to the end. If not properly maintained they may not last 2000 rounds.

Nat Lambeth
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