.308 hunting load suggestions


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Oct 20, 2009
hey guys I am new to reloading and have all of the equipment i think and going to get started.
I am looking to make a good quality load for taking deer sized targets out to 500 or 600 yds with my .308 savage it has a 1:10 barrel.
Iam leaning toward berger or hornady bullets but open to all suggestions.
Just looking for load suggestions also do you think I need a cocentricity gauge for this range of shooting like i said new to reloading so excuse my ignorance.
Thanks for any advice
No you do not need a cocentricity gauge use quality componets and good dies. I shoot past 1000 and I dont even own one maybe I will some day but for now I dont.

If you want to use Bergers which is what I use and your loading for the 308win I would use the 155g or 168g VLD. I also like to use R15 for the 308win as it gives me the best speed. IMR 4064 and Varget are also good choices but im a R15 man.

with your rifles 1-10 twist rate you could go all the way up to the 210 VLD with out any stabalizing issues.
I shoot a 208gr A-max over 48grs of RL17 for 2610fps. That's a pretty sweet load, not an ideal hunting bullet however. I'm thinking about trying the 210 VLD and 190 VLD. That'll let you shoot way past 600. For 600 yards and in, just try any decent hunting bullet and see what shoots in your rifle. Only need the real heavy high BC bullets once you really get out there. Ofcourse that's just my opinion. Take it for what you want.

I'm shooting a custom Remington 700 with 28" 1-11tw Hart.

Also try VV-N540, VV-N550 and W760 if your shooting 190gr+ class bullets.

Hope this helps,
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