SOLD/EXPIRED .308 Custom Long Range

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  1. Gary Anderson

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    Nov 2, 2010
    Action: Remington 700
    lug seats recut flat and square to centerline
    threads recut square to centerline
    front ring face square to centerline

    lug faces machined square to centerline giving 100% contact with lug seats
    bolt handle repositioned to correct timing / silver soldered and bolted for

    Barrel: Broughton 5C twist 1:12 28" fluted 7.7 contour .92" @ muzzle

    .308 Bisley Palmer rethroated to fit Hornady Match
    closet fit is Lapua or Hornady brass

    Stock: Bell & Carlson #2956 Rem. 700 SA Light Tactical
    Medalist Olive w/ Black

    Stock is bedded with Probed 2000, and barrel floated .040

    Seekins Percision 20 MOA rail & 30mm Rings w/ 1" inserts

    All metal is finished in Cerakote Sniper Gray

    Round count is 365

    My best 5 shot group @ 500 yds is 1- 3/4 inches

    This rifle will shot
    Built by Jeff Rice of Rhys Precision Gunworks

    I need money for another project, photos by email

    Price $1,750
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