308 and 7mm trajectories and drops


Jun 29, 2005
Are the trajectories and drops over a 1000 yards/meters that far apart for these two calibers. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif This is ofcourse using comp. standard loads and bullet grains and the same length of barrel?

Is the 308 flatter or any faster traveing than the 7mm. Which is more accurate over the longe range and which has a better take down.

Probably left out a few factors that may have some saying they may be need for accurate comp., but I am not looking to shoot a sub 3" group at 1000 yards but to hunt well over 500 at times and want to compare the rounds. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif

Back in the day the 7mm was the gun to have and lately the 308 seems to be the hot item. Just trying to get a fell for each and some opinions.

Thanks for your time and responses. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif
A pretty wide open question really...

you have the 300RUM that can push a 240 gr .30 cal pretty good. and alot of various wildcats too.
the 190,200, 220 grain bullet can pack a punch way out there as well..
it all dpends on the case capacity and velocity...

there is a move towards the .284 bullets now.. the 175 gr SMK has some peoples attention and I think you will see some 1K BR guys (girls ;-) ) near the top of the pile next year with a .284 cal

you can make both the .284 and .308 dia. bullets preform at longer ranges, just gotta get them there with enough horsepower. Shooting like a rainbow isn't a bad thing if your impact is where you aimed.
I have a 308 GAP and a 7mm WSM GAP.There is no comparison at long ranges. The 7mm wsm at long ranges is an awesome gun. Get the 7mm and shoot the high BC 15 SMKs.

The new Sierra <font color="blue"> 15 </font> gr match king is used by the 7mm varmint hunters to shot the fleas off a prairie dogs ear at distances of about 30 ft. The bullet has a sectional density of 0.003 and a BC of 0.00056. The fact that it has any BC at all is miraculous and that is why all of us 7mm shooters call it a high BC bullet. Once you get to shooting larger game like toad frogs you should use the Sierra <font color="blue">15 </font> <font color="red"> 0</font> gr MK. Of course if you are like me and not as fast as you used to be the toad frogs will get on out there a little ways so that is when I switch over to the larger Sierra <font color="blue"> 1 </font> <font color="red"> 7 </font> <font color="blue"> 5 </font> gr Mk with a BC of 0.6.

A little humor for you Dave and no insult intended.

In a 1-9.25 twist both the 168 and the 175 SMKs will shoot well. If I was talking about a long range 7mm I would be include the 7mm Rem mag, a 7mm Wby mag, a 7STW or 7RUM. News from Kirby has been a little slow lately on the 7 Allen mag, but intitial reports were good.
i guess one little 7 makes all the difference. i know what you mean about those frogs.they seem faster than greased lightning now!
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