308-300wsm Rechamber


Sep 28, 2009
Hello, i've got a rem700 vs chambered in 308. Not sure if this has been brought up before, if so i can't find it. My question is what would it take to rechamber the 308 to 300 wsm? The reason i was thinking about this is because both rounds are awesome but the 300 will pack a bigger punch at longer distances. If anyone has done this or knows someone who has please chime in. Is it just a matter of boring the chamber to fit the round and possibly a new bolt face or would it be more time/labor intensive then that. I'd really like to go this route because i cant afford a new rifle, scope and blueprinting right now. Any Suggestions?
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Nov 2, 2009
I am also planning the same build.I started with a left hand rem 700 VSF in .308 and am sending it to my smith next week to re-chamber it to 300WSM.i orderd a new bolt from PT&G and bought a extended magazine box from wyatt's outdoors.After speaking with tom he reccomended a single stack mag.I am a little concerned with the 1-12" twist for stabilizing 190 bergers that i plan to use.i may have to settle on 180 accubonds which performed great in my 300rum.will let you know how i make out.


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Aug 5, 2008
Houston, Tx
I used a 7-08 M700 mountain rifle , rechambered to 7mm x 300, trued the bolt , enlarged the head of the bolt, widened the rails, installed a Sako extractor, headspaced . Really don't think that a 300 would be much different. A competent gunsmith could give you a good quote on the entire process.

Good Luck

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