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Nov 22, 2015
Hanford, CA
I have a Model 7 in 308 with an 18" factory barrel. Shoots 168 vld, 155 vld and these 130 tsx .5 moa on a bad day. Its a very accurate gun and a dream to carry the only grip I have is that it hits pressure rather quickly. Barnes book max with the 130 tsx is 49.2 with varget and I hit max at 48 gr and my accuracy node at 47 gr. So my load is 130 tsx, Norma brass, BR-2 primer and 47gr of target, with my 18" barrel my velocity is right at 2700 fps but my last 3 shot group measured just about .25" at 100 yards. I live in the great state of Californee so I an forced to shoot non lead.

What I would like to know is what is the minimum velocity and energy I need to expand this bullet. I hunt between 6000-10000' of elevation and according to my numbers 350-400 yards would be my max on deer size game. What do you guys think? Thanks


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Jan 10, 2008
I think I would move out of Cal. LOL
I think you are expecting too much out of your 18" barrel. No two rifles are the same. I have a custom built Rem 700 308 Win. with a Heart barrel that was set up as a hunter class bench rifle many years ago and to make weight it had to have the barrel cut to 21 1/2". This rifle has an on the tight tolerance side of specks chamber and I can not match any of the MAX load data by 1 or 2 grs sometimes but with less powder and taking into count the shorter barrel length I can still be in the ball park of velocity of what the higher charges would be in that length barrel. You can only burn so much powder in 18" to gain velocity and when you have to use a mono bullet which usually has more resistance in the bore it drives your pressure up. For a 130 gr mono bullet out of an 18" barrel 2700 fps is not too shabby. If you want to shoot past 350-400 yards get a longer barrel. On velocity to get expansion of the mono bullet you have to also take into account just how much expansion you will get with the quoted velocity the manufacture of the bullet gives. I have seen pictures of bullets down to the 1800 to 2000 fps they usually give and just the nose of the bullet has expanded a little bit. It is not the full fan shaped look. You ask what I think and I answered.
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Shane Lindsey

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Jul 13, 2010
Have you looked into the 110gr? I was looking at those for my 30-06 as I am not shooting long range where I live. If you are looking for long range with the monos I think you need more speed for proper function but if 300 yards is max, you should be good now.

Also maybe look into other manufacturers. One's like CEB and Hammer may be other options if you are loading your own.

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