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Nov 3, 2009
hey there. im new to this site and havent gone to the depths of all the pages to see if my question might be answered so i am sorry if this might be a repeat question. here it goes, I have a 300wsm in rem. 700 sps stainless that i want to build a lrh rifle out of. i would like to have a detachable mag but not sure on what bullet to use. i would like to use 190 bergers but afraid they might be to long overall to fit in a mag. the other idea i had was necking down to a 7wsm. would that fit better in a mag. ill be hunting mostly elk and mule deer with this rifle. if you know of any other good bullets out there that will work i am all ears. this is the deciding point on whether i build with this caliber or buy another and start with it. thx all for reading
Not sure how much length you will gain by going to the 7 wsm? If you don't get many replies here you might want to repost in the gunsmithing section.
I sometimes shoot 210 Bergers out of my WSM. When I seat them to the lands only about 2/3rds of the bearing surface of the bullet (between the neck and ogive) catches the neck. I dont think that I would be able to load 190 Bergers to the lands in my rilfe very well which is a Sako. The SPS *may* be different? You will have the same issue with the 7mmWSM and long skinny bullets.

I like the 300 WSM becuase it has a little more thump than the 7WSM. They both have about the same trajectory and range. You will get a lot more barrel life out of the 300 WSM.

If you want to load to the lands in a short action, you need an after market mag box. Another option is to get a long action and have it barreled and chambered to the WSM.

Hope that helps,

Using similar weight bullets the 7's are a longer bullet. That length, increases in length as one goes up in bullet weight over the 30 cal.

I would stay with the 300WSM for reasons already mentioned. Plus, there are some really fine hunting bullets out there these days that have very competetive BC's.

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