.300wsm and RL17

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by joegun, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. joegun

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    Sep 23, 2010
    I think I have finally found the load for my Savage .300wsm. I have been playing around with RL19 for a few years, but could not resist the temtation to try RL17 after reading about it on this site and others. I also have been shooting Nosler CT 165gr. but desided to try some 180gr Hornady SST's.
    I started at 63 gr. and worked my way up to 66. 66 was the best accuracy at .6 MOA at 100yds. No sticky bolt or primer flattening. I loaded up some more 66 gr. at .020 of the lands and went back out to shoot some more at 200 and 500. I shot 2 groups at 200yds. and both were just under 1". Moved the target out to 500 and shot 1 3 shot group of 9"( The wind was picking up pretty good by this time). I think I'm getting close to 3200 fps, but I don't have a chrony. I was adjusting up 7 MOA at 500 and was still 4" high. According to the ballistic calculator I used, that would be close to 3200fps. If Santa is good to me I might have a chrony by this time next week and I can know for sure.

    Merry Christmas
  2. bbutturff

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    Feb 18, 2011
    This same combination produced .63 MOA @ 2970 fps out of my Tikka T3. COL was 2.91 which is max magazine length. Bullet is jumping a whopping .23 inches to the lands. I had similar results with the Sierra 180 MK's.
  3. TRG300WM

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    Jun 20, 2011
    I also have be working with RL 17 but in my 300 WM. With 175 gr bergers and 72.5 grs of RL 17 it achieved an AV of 3269 fps and an ES of 9 out of a 27.5" barrel... no pressure signs yet.
    I worked this load up from 68.5 grs and used a CED chronograph.im happy with speed and accuracy and probably wont push it to much further.
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  4. Browninglover1

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    Jan 10, 2011
    I shoot RL 17 behind a 185 grain Berger out of my 300 WSM and it shoots extremely well. My first accuracy load was at 61.0 grains but it was only getting me 2778 fps. I found another accuracy node at 63.0 grains and I've just left it at that. I don't know what velocity I'm getting with the new load but I know where to hold on all shots our to 700 yards and am happy with it.
  5. mtelkhntr78

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    Dec 30, 2008
    I have been going with Rl-17 for all of my 300WSM loads. So far its been 67.3-5 grains behind a 168 TSX. Still tweeking it a little but it has shown some great speed and accuracy. For kicks I wanted to see how H414 and 4350 worked, I loaded up some. That was a bunch of wated Barnes bullets cause they didnt even compare to how well it shot with RL-17. So I guess I had my answer.