300WM brass and Redding dies +215gr Berger Hybrids


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Apr 16, 2008
Selling the following items.

- *SOLD* 342 pieces Federal 300WM brass. 1x fired as factory Federal Gold Medal Match ammo from the same lot. All FC 18 headstamp. Has not been deprimed or tumbled. $200 shipped *SOLD*

- 89 pieces Winchester 300WM brass. 86 pieces 1x fired, 3 pieces virgin. $45 shipped

- *SOLD* 500 (2x 250ct boxes) Berger .30 cal 215gr hybrids. All same lot, one box sealed, one opened but bag hasn't been opened. $275 shipped *SOLD*

- *SOLD* Redding #28153 Master Hunter 300WM die set. Consists of a FL sizer and competition seater. Like new, seater was used to load less than 100 rounds, sizer unused. $110 shipped *SOLD*

Or $600 shipped for the full lot listed.

The Giraud shell holder pictured has already been sold.

No trades at this time.

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