300WM-180grn. Accubond and H4831


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Oct 3, 2005
Getting ready to help a buddy load some rounds up. I use RL22 but he has H4831. What's working for you.
H4831 with the 180 AB's in 300 WM is a very good combination. I've used it a lot. I don't think Nosler lists this powder in their manual but Hodgdon lists it as a max load of 73.0 grains. Fed 215 primers, Norma brass. Bullets did well seated .020 off. This was a consistent 1/2 MOA load. Just work up your load and see what works best. Good luck.
I'm shooting the 180gn Ballistic Tip ahead of 75.5gn of RL22 and BR2's. Accuracy is running in the .3's and velocity is averaging just over 3100fps in my Savage. I also used the 180gn SMK with the same powder & charge but with 9.5M primers. Again, accuracy ran in the .3's and velocity was just over 3100 (3133fps). These are max loads according to Nosler, so reduce work up. :) JohnnyK.
I have good luck with this combo also. 180 gr accubond, 73.5 (half grain over max load...don't be a ******* :)) Br2 primers RWS brass. seated .20 off lands.
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