300win mag load work up


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Aug 13, 2012
The Republic of Texas
I didn't see you comment on your hunting style but did see a few tell you to jump straight to the 215 berger.

A fine bullet it is but again, what's your hunting style and range limit.

Do you dial a turrent for long range, say past 400 yards or do you typically shoot at say 4-500 and less? Also, what's your twist rate?

If you intend to shoot past 400 and dial a turret i highly recommend the 215 or 230 berger. Both shoot crazy good from my 30 nosler which is similar to the wm.

For the 400 and under, you'll appreciate the flatter trajectory from a 180 berger, nos accubond or similar. It seems we are all too wrapped up in the extreme bc but in reality, that's not in the equation under 6 or 700 yards and really becomes notable past 1k.

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