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Jun 25, 2003
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I am about to buy a rifle in .300SAUM, not a LR rifle, a Rem Mod Seven.

It looks to me as if this caliber hasn't had much success if compared to the .300WSM. Why is this?
Is it due to the availiability of good brass or is there something in the SAUMS inherent accuracy that puts it behind the WSM?
I have been shooting a 7mm RSAUM for about a year. It is a great choice. It will launch a 7mm 162 Hornady SST at almost 3000 fps out of a 24 inch barrel. A setup with a 28-30+ inch tube would do great things with only 60 grains of H4831SC.

If you compare the ballistics of the SAUM and WSM, they are almost identical. The SAUM holds a tad less powder, I don't think it is a significant amount less though.

With either one, heavy bullets seated to mag length in a short action will be down deap in the case/powder. Best to start with a long action. Doesn't matter if it will be a long range bench gun.

WSM was first on the scene and is definitely more popular. Probably because of the perceived 1 to 2 grain case capacity advantage.

One thing to note is that the military (or Armalite) is chambering the AR-10 in 300 SAUM instead of WSM. They state the brass is better. (I don't know if I agree.) I wish I had lots of spare cash ...
I have a 300 SAUM and really like it. Model 700.
I do not own a WSM, but I believe the case capacity makes the WSM a slightly better performer (50fps on average). WSM is slightly longer though.

I have found 5 or 6 different bullets that shoot sub MOA in mine.

For a Model 7, don't worry about loading it longer than the magazine. With a factory tube it will have quite a bit of freebore with most bullets, but I think you can get away with that in a short action round and still be very accurate. Mine likes middle of the road 30 caliber bullets (165 - 180 gr). I plan to play with single feeding the 200 Accubond, but at magazine length it was at best around MOA.

Try 55 grains of Varget behind a 168 Barnes TSX at magazine length for a great little point blank round (1.2" @200 yards). Use Remington 9 1/2M or WLRM primers as Federals did not do well in mine. Use a bit more 4350 for faster loads. For most loads you could fill the case with 4831 or RL22 and still not attain high velocities.
Use this info at your own risk, but it worked for me.
I think thw WSM has the advantage not only in speed but also it is much easier to find factory fodder for it. For that reason alone I think it has dominated in the short mag sales scene.
If Remington would like a winner, they should do a 25. The 25WSSM is unimpressive, the 25WSM would have been an immediate hit, but they didn't go there. If Rem did a 25saum it would be well recieved.
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