300RUM 240mk Loads


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Dec 10, 2004
Hello, I'm looking for load information for a 300 RUM with 240mk's. I'm using a 30" barrel and its throated very long. I've tried RL25 but get a pressure spike thats cratering the primers before I can get the velocity up. I'd like to find a starting load with 50bmg or Retumbo if possible. US869 is just to temp sensitive for what I want to do. Thanks Tony


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Nov 2, 2003
Washington State
Yeah, I killed a couple of elk and a muley with the 240/US869 combo, but ended up giving up on the 869 for the same reasons. Went with the 210 Berger and Retumbo and have much better consistency/accuracy. I did try H-50BMG and the 240 and I think if I went back to the 240, that's the powder I'd use. I couldn't get the fps out of it like 869, but it has a reputation of being very temp stable. I think there's a few here that use that combo. I think I was at about 2920fps or so with the 240 and 50BMG at about 104 or 105 g (compressed, as I recall). But I was also working with two different lots of 50BMG and can't remember for sure...I think the 104g load was with the slower lot--quite a bit slower as I recall. So I'd start in the low 90's and work your way up probably a grain at a time 'til you see pressure and then back off a couple of grains and fine tune. Good luck and let us know what load you end up with, OK? Jon


Mar 27, 2009
Hey Tony

Im using 88gr of adi 2217(which is h1000 apparently) i get 2800 with a 6fps spread over 3 shots(2 were the same reading) this is out of a standard sps 700 (apart from a recrown and a diy brake) which has a pretty long throat but i seat the bullets with a o.a.l of 3.600. I dont have any pressure signs and im on my 6th load on Rem brass .. Ive seen people use waaay more powder though, this shoots around an inch at 200m with someone good behind the trigger. I guess i got a good remington judging by some of the things i have read!!


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