300BLK, 308/7.62, and 300WM brass


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Apr 16, 2008
Have the following brass for sale.

- *SOLD* 296 pieces 308/7.62 LC LR. This was all 1x fired from the same lot ('03 headstamp) of M118LR ammo, tumbled and sized. $100 shipped which is $.33 each and free shipping. *SOLD*

- 2500 pieces Top Brass brand 300 Blackout brass. This is full processed ready to load brass, excellent quality and mostly LC headstamp. Packaged in 250 count bags which retail for $51.99/bag at Cabelas or $.21/piece. I'll sell all 10 bags for $400 shipped ($.16/pc) or 4 bags/1000pc for $175 shipped ($.17/pc) or 2 bags/500pc for $95 shipped ($.19/pc)

- 89 pieces 300 Win Mag Winchester brass. 86 pieces are 1x fired and 3 pieces are virgin brass. $50 shipped which is $.56/pc

- *SOLD*160 pieces 6.5 Creedmoor 1x fired from factory ammo. 100 pieces federal (80 gold medal, 20 american eagle), 60 Hornady Match. $60 shipped which is $.37/pc *SOLD*

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