300 WSM Improved 40 degree


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Jan 10, 2003
santa barbara
Does anyone have experience with the Improved
300 WSM "300 Chubbyhawk"
Pac-nor can do it but will charge me an extra
$150 to cover the reamer cost

Anybody know a smith that already has it??

What do you guys think, is it worth going to the 40 degree version? Maybe it would get a little more room so that H4831 could be used to it fullest potential??


Well, I'm not sure I'd take a whole lot of taper out, maybe .007" max at shoulder, and then 5 more degrees in the shoulder, it looks to me like you should expect around 2 more grains of room.
Whether that's worth a rechamber and new dies is up to you.
You might see some improvement with the light and mid-weight bullets.


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Sep 23, 2003
doesnt really seem like a worthwhile effort considering costs,just use a longer barrel to squeeze out a little more velocity-my-2-dave


Not even sure this cartridge even warrants that...
Kinda like the .308 Imp.. no real gain..
I heard that unless you gain 8% or better it just isn't worth it...

Man this cartridge is so efficient now and has such good accuracy potential .. I'm wondering what you see that I don't outta this thing??? Not that I am a no it all about this cartridge but just don't see what you do I guess...


Spend less money to get your rifle to load a round as close to 3.1" COL and you'll do much better. There's much more space wasted sticking that bulelt down in there than in taper/shoulder.

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