300 wsm build for european games, selective hunting in Italy

u have a 300 wsm. Winchester model 70, benchmark barrel, Oregon gunsmith stock. 4.5 -14 x44 zeiss scope that shoots .5 moa or better, that has been my favorite go to rifle for over 30 years. things in front of it, just die. it's been to Africa 26 trips as well as hunts western US and Canada. I've lost count of how many big game taken. it's only been shot with handloaded 168 gr tsx or ttsx mono copper bullets at 3260. you can't go wrong with the 300 wsm. many of my game taken at 300, 400 yds. the longest was 624 yds. smallest Grey duiker largest 1800 lb eland.
26 trips, wow. I will definitely go to Africa as well soon or late. Which country do you suggest for an Africa hunting trip? Namibia? South Africa?
sorry I meant 7 wsm. but 270 wsm is great also. I have all three. 7 wsm is a combo match hunting rig, pierce action, proof Carbon fiber wrapped barrel, manners stock. 6.5 -20 mk lv Leopold. I use it put to about 1300 yds in matches. I shoot 168 burgers. also have used it hunting and cleanly taken big game to 750 yds. because the industry has abandoned this rd for some reason, I bought 1k rds brass last time I found it.
These are very aerodynamic burgers ahah
Nice buck my friend! Congrats! That bino is small!! What model is it?

Unfortunately i have restrictions on calibers, for boars and fellow deer only 7 mm and above with the exception of 270 win.. such a nonsense. Otherwise i would have considered 6.5 prc. I don't know much about 6.5×55 even if yes, it's pretty popular here. What MV you get with a 140 gr bullet?
The bingos were a 8x42 vortex I think, the mv on the 6.5x55 was mild probably 2700 ish. Never pushed it because it’s a 100+ year old action. But the accuracy was .7 give or take and at that point the hunt was too close to mess around. I’ve left the old girl alone since then for custom build 6.5x284 norma