300 WM neck sizer die used for 300 RUM CASE ???

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    Jun 20, 2009
    About 1 year ago I ordered a 300 rum neck sizer die from Hornady when i recieved it in the mail the box had 300 Win mag on it so I sent it back to them explaining that i needed the one for a 300 RUM instead. They re sent me the 300 winmag neck sizer die and told me that it will work . I got tired of trying to get it to work until last night I gave it one more shot but to no avail . So maybe I'm just not doing it right
    I don't know? That's why I thought I would ask you all before I call Hornady and tell them I don't think this will work . Can a 300 winmag sizer die be used for a 300 remington ultra mag neck sizer ?? I took out the spindle put a 300 rum case in my rcbs shell holder raised the ram up until it bottomed out and then from that point I screwed down the die into the top of my press . the neck of my brass was bottomed out on the inside of the sizer die body with about 2 full rotations of the die body threaded into the top of my rcbs press . hardly any threads had made contact so it's looking like someone told me wrong . I don't know ....... Fire away ?

    Thanks for any insite.
    Update... I talked to a hornady tech and he said that i've got the wrong one but they do drill out the 300 Wm neck sizer to fit the 300 Rum
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