300 WM--- Best Velocity for Accuracy?


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Mar 25, 2003
For all you guys shooting a 300 WM. At what velocity do you seem to get your best accuracy? I am shooting a 200 Grn Accubond and 208 Amax. At first I was trying to get the fastest velocity with no pressure signs, but I am learning that this may not be the best for accuracy. I will be using this for hunting purposes.
For my savage 300 win with 200smk's and 26" barrel I found the best combination of velocity and accuracy at 2850fps .
I was using imr 7828ssc.
200 gr accubonds at 2860 or so was best for my gun with H-1000. Tried faster to 3100 but no accuacy. 26 in barrel
178gr Amax 75gr RL22 3028fps .5moa
180gr NAB 82gr H1000 3050fps .5moa
180gr Scirocco 74.5gr RL22 3175fps .5moa
208gr Amax 70.5gr H4831sc 2880fps .5moa

I don't load for speed just sometimes I get it sometimes I don't.
I just noticed my velocities seem to be on the high end... I treat my barrels with Gun Juice, maybe thats why, I don't know but there are no pressure sings in my rifle at these velocities but there may be in your rifle. Start 10% less charge and work up.

Ivo, do you get a cruching sound using 82 grs of H-1000? I use 80grs and it's a full case load with slight crushing of the powder with 180 gr Scirocos
Looks like your velocities are appropriate.
I shoot the 200's at 2850 and the 180's at 3100.
1.)Yes, the charge with h1000 is a compressed load.
2.)I thought my velocities sounded kind of high but I guess not. Maybe I've been shooting the .308 too much lately.
ivo, my 300 WM has its best accuracy at 2900 fps with the 180 AB. Occassionally I'll speed it up a little and the groups will open up a bit. Not too bad, still under .75 MOA.
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