300 wm 208 grn a-max loads

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by parkj5, Jul 10, 2010.

  1. parkj5

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    Apr 2, 2010
    has anyone loaded any in the 300 winn? i will be getting some and cannot find any load data on em. thanks i got some h4831sc,and r-22 to play with.
  2. RockZ

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    Mar 10, 2006
    I did some initial testing with Ramshot Magnum and 208AMAX in my 300win., weatherby action, christensen arms barrel and bell and carlson tactical stock. Factory trigger set at about 3lbs-pretty heavy but breaks well. I loaded to an oal of 3.690"
    The results look very promising. Once I found the range of powder charge and seating depth I wanted to work with at 100yds 77-80gr,I shot 3 shots each of 77.5gr and 79.5gr at 565yds.

    Two shots each of the 77.5 and 79.5 loads were at nearly the same vertical ,1.5", and within the 3" bullseye. Those four shots formed a 2.5" group. Two shot were flyers or I possibly flinched on those 2 shots when the guy next to me fired at nearly the same time, one shot hit high and one low.

    I then loaded up 3 rounds of 78.5 gr and shot them at 565yds. The vertical of the shots was only a bit over an inch. Two of the shots formed a 1/2" group and the third shot was 3.5" to the left.
    Maybe a flyer, me or the wind.

    Ramshot Magnum looks like it could have a large node of stability from 77.5-79.5gr at my oal in my rifle. I NEED to investigate the "flyers"

    Next time I will sort and process the brass so they all perfectly match and shoot more rounds and see how the load holds up.
    I am concerned that 2 out of 3 shots are nearly perfect with 1 shot looking a bit odd.

    I am very pleased with the lack of vertical of the 78.5gr load and the nearly same vertical component of the 77.5,78.5,and 79.5gr loads. 7of 9shots with a spread of 2 gr total were within 1.5" of vertical at 565yd.

    Sorry I didn't have any info for your powders.
    I picked Ramshot Magnum since it looked like the best one after a Quickload analysis.
    Plus I've read on many forums that Ramshot Magnum is temp stable.
    Of course I will test that too.
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  3. jeffro

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    Nov 15, 2006
    R-22 75.5gr 2980fps
    H-1000 79.5gr 2955fps

    Both .5 MOA out to 600. Still working on the rifle, but they look very promising.