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    Jan 7, 2004
    Technically, if you do the math on the physics of tensile strength, you will find that the fluting, ironically, makes the bbl stiffer along the lateral axis (which is what you want). Looking at the numbers, it makes sense although it seems to fly in the face of logic and common sense. This only holds true to a certain degree though. Of course, if the bbl is TOO thin, then you will run into structural failure and the bbl will, indeed, become "whippier" and weaker. I was a firm believer for 20 years that fluting was bad and it weakened the bbl, but then I went to school and graduated with a physics degree only to find out that I was wrong. I have eaten so much crow to this day about how I used to preach that fluting weakened a bbl that it's pathetic! [​IMG] Anyhow, fluting is a good alternative for increasing the lateral stiffness of the bbl as well as increased cooling capacity. All of my rifles now sport fluted bbl's in addition to being blead blasted. Just my .02. I am open to any opinions as I am sure there will be many!

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