300 Win Mag Tikka T3X Stainless wood stock

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  1. Metzger

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    Dec 16, 2013
    I am selling my 300 Win Mag Tikka T3X Stainless wood stock. This is a TRUE SHOOTER, 1/2moa 300 yard groups are not uncommon! It is a great hunting rifle I am selling to raise funds for property to buy... It has been epoxy beaded and reinforced for wood stocks and larger stainless action bolts from an experienced tech. It has just 80-90 rounds though it. weighs 6LBS 7 OZ! $650 shipped. Minor scratches and indents in the wood. Please see this link for more pictures https://photos.app.goo.gl/duwLPHPUvThLCZGw2

    Picture are 3 shot groups at 300 yards email me at [email protected] or call/ text 7 1 3 ~ 4 1 0 ~ 4 2 7 7

    Price Lowered to $650 Shipped

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